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Impreport offers assistance for loading, discharging, storage, sea freight and integrated logistics for shipments by sea, land and.

Door to door services from the origin to the final customer, including the handling of all customs formalities needed.

The company is specialised, since its origin, in transport activities both in containers and conventional, of processed steel: pipes, HRC and CRC, wire rods, billets, sheets,, etc etc.

Today the company reached a high standard even in the handling of yachts, project cargoes, heavy lift and bulk cargoes.

Con il nostro personale specializzato, gestiamo ed offriamo i servizi di riempimento e svuotamento containers.

Thanks to our specialised personnel, we manage and offer stuffing and unstuffing services for containers. Supported by first class shipowners and operators of the logistic worldwide industry, Impreport assures maximum efficiency in any phase of the transport. 

All warehouses are equipped with video surveillance cameras, active 24 hours/day and directly connected to the Authorities of competence, to assure maximum safety of goods on consignment.


Our Services

Offriamo coperture “All risk”, competitive e con compagnie assicurative primarie, per tutti i tipi di merci inclusi metalli preziosi e prodotti di alto valore.

  • FCL e LCL
  • Part cargo
  • Full cargo
  • Resa door to door
  • Loading and discharging assistance
  • Full terminal assistance
  • Import / export documentation
  • stoccaggio
  • riempimento e svuotamento
  • rizzaggio e de-rizzaggio merce varia e OOG
  • etichettatura
  • picking
  • packaging
  • fumigazione
  • servizi di pesatura
  • Temporanea custodia, magazzino A3, stato estero, deposito IVA.

Insurances: "All risk" coverage

We offer “All Risk” coverages, competitive and with first class insurance companies, for any kind of goods, including precious metals and high value products.

Supported by some of our historical partners, we can perform transport operations nationwide, with coverage “on behalf”, assuring higher coverages for products usually covered by vector insurance.


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    Our Services

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